Ribbon Mixer

Composing of U-shaped horizontal trough containing a double helical ribbon agitator that rotates within. The agitator’s shaft is positioned in the centre of the trough and has welded spokes on which the helical ribbons (also known as spirals) are welded. The gap between the ribbon’s outer edge and the internal wall of the container ranges from 3 to 6 mm depending on the application.


Suitable to mix powder and granule products;

Easy operation, long time in use;

Large loading capacity and small using area.

Model KP-M200 KP-M300 KP-M500 KP-M1000 KP-M1500 KP-M2000
Volume 200L 300L 500L 1000L 1500L 2000L
Rotation Speed 55 rpm 55 rpm 45 rpm 45 rpm 40 rpm 40 rpm
Power Supply 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 4Kw 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 5.5Kw 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 7Kw 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 10Kw 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 15Kw 380V 3Phase 50/60Hz 18Kw
Weight 400Kg 600Kg 900Kg 1250Kg 1500Kg 2000Kg